Thursday, 16 March 2017


A throw rug for winter
One of the greatest pleasures in life is being able to look some one in the eye and say " Thank you. Yes I made that "

The part that I love is also that they are one of a kind. I can make my knitting any colour I want. Any shape and pattern I want. Instead of being frustrated with what's in fashion and only getting them,  I can match my decor no matter what.

Even better is that they last a lot longer too. I've got jumpers that are still going strong ten years later. I find the shop ones come apart at the seams and loose their warmth after a while.

And don't forget you don't have to make just jumpers. There are rugs, cushion covers and dish clothes to name a few. The world is your oyster.

Start simple with basic stitches, plain and purl then move on to cables later when your confidence grows. If you never learn any other stitch these three will give you all the variation you will ever need.

Here are some free learn to knit and crochet sites.

Have a great day tomorrow 

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