Tuesday, 7 March 2017


So I was chatting with a friend today and we got to talking  
about the every day mess that accumulates during the day.

You know the kind of thing. Kids toys, junk mail on the table and it goes on. After working all day the last thing you want to do at night is spend it tidying up, but if you don't it builds up and eventually it gets on top of you.

I started telling her about my 15 minute rule. Each night after tea and the dishes I set the timer on the oven for 15 minutes and grab a basket and pick up things lying around. When the timer goes off I stop and put what's in the basket in their rightful places.

That's it. By the end of the month it takes about 5 minutes of my time each night and I find I'm sitting down with my feet up, not giving it a second thought. It's a habit now. Part of my winding down for the night.

I like going to bed at the end of the night with the house tidy. I like even more getting up to a tidy house. Housework day takes half the time because half the work is already done.

Get the little ones involved. Half an hour before bed help them do the same. Then it's 15 minutes quiet time where you can have a cuddle before bed. It sets up a routine they get used to and makes bedtime a little easier ( at least that's the goal ), and you never know it might even become a habit they carry on with as they get older.

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