Monday, 19 June 2017


Well what a wintry weekend that was. The power certainly
 gave us a few problems going on and off on Friday.  Some areas were with out power for quite some time.

I love the glow of candles but lets face it they're not the safest form of lighting, especially when you've got little ones and pets in the home. And why is it that even though you stock up, when you need the torch the batteries are always flat or on the way out.

So I was staring out the window watching the storm and all across the garden by the patio were these little glowing lights. Yep you guessed it. Here I was sitting in darkness and the garden was enjoying its own little light party.

I grabbed a couple of the solar lights and brought them inside. One I left with its own bowl on and placed it on a saucer, the other I took  the bowl off and rested it on a glass vase with the light section hanging inside.

The result was great. The little one gave off a soft warm glow and the one I put into the vase glowed bright enough for me to read by. I checked them after a couple of hours and they didn't get hot.

This is a great safe alternative for families with young children. It's always seems really dark when there's no power and a lot of children like a night light. Here's a solution that's safe, doesn't use power  and will turn itself off during the night. The large one can be turned off using the switch underneath so the glow doesn't keep the rest of the family awake. All we have to do is remember to put them outside each day to get  a bit of sunlight and recharge.

Solar light, night light

Roll on the next blackout.. I'll be ready for you :-)

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