Thursday, 1 June 2017


I like anything that makes my life easier. I have always been happy each day if the beds are made and the dishes are done. It doesn't matter what else is out of place, if those two things are done then the house seems tidier.

One of my bug bears is the mess that accumulates on the kitchen table. We all do it. We walk in the door. Dump our bags on the table with the keys before putting the kettle on. Mail and junk mail join it and before you know it the table is looking like the proverbial dung heap.

I think this is the next habit I need to address. While the kettles boiling I will walk my bag up to the bedroom where it belongs and put my keys in their spot. I will pick through the junk mail and put the stuff I don't even look at straight into the recycle bin. 

While having my cuppa I'll go through the mail, put the bills into my bill folder for paying. The rubbish into the recycle bin. 

I'll then go through the rest of the junk mail. If there;s anything that catches my eye I will tear it out, write the store on the picture and put it in my purse. The rest can go straight into the recycle bin.

If I did this over a cuppa every night when I walk in the door my table will stay clean and ready for dinner. Between doing this, my beds made and dishes done, add a quick fifteen minute walk round after tea my home will always be manageable and ready for unexpected visitors.

What do you do to make your life a little easier?

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