Wednesday, 7 June 2017


This may not be a priority with some but it is for me.          
Hello !! Is anyone there?
My first thought when the proverbial hits the fan is whether everyone is ok. I really need to check on my family and especially my mum who is getting on a bit.

Make sure they have everything they need and if not to tell them to come to me.

Most of us have mobiles and that's great but after more than 24 hours the batteries start to die. My land line is digital and is plugged into the power. No power = no phone.

I'm going to pick up a normal  plug in phone that (yes I'm going to have to dial the numbers into it). The phone lines don't run on the electricity grid and I'll be a lot more happy knowing I can be reached if needed. It will also allow me to check the emergency services to see how long I'll be affected so I have some idea to what extent I need to plan for. Oops all my numbers are on fast dial on my phones.

Must add  a small notebook to my folders with all family, and emergency numbers.

Hopefully family will also get a plain phone for emergencies because otherwise I wont be speaking to anyone.

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