Monday, 24 April 2017


Part of my problem over the last year was that my todo list was so long that it was really over whelming. I made a new schedule this week with just the basics logged in. You know the ones. Work, shopping, housework and any outside activities that are non negotiable. It left so much time free. :-) 

I penciled in a few "15 minute chore" throughout the week and walked away. My long list is on the side of the fridge out of sight. I'm taking one of them and 15 minutes at a time will slowly attack it till its gone. No more pressure to get stuck in and exhausting myself, no more feeling guilty about not getting on top of the list.

It will all get done eventually but for now I'm enjoying the down time I've made for myself and actually am looking forward to doing my 15 minutes.

Don't forget to take time out for yourself. We are important too.

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